Rescue Contacts sells the same, high quality, name brand contact lenses to our online customers and backs every purchase with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We then forward all profits made from each sale to animal rescue efforts. We appreciate knowing that other people care about animals just like we do. Our intention is to share our journey with you as we grow this company that exists only to serve animals in need. If you wear contacts, we invite you to purchase them where this money will go to work supporting animal welfare.

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Bestie T-shirt

Besties often show up unannounced, connect with you by chance, and can even be sought from a crowded shelter where you least expect to find them. You think they need you more than you need them. Sometimes they are scared, maybe even unappealing, and often seem the least likely to change everything in your life. Given a chance, they do. Then you have the Bestie life. Where did you find your Bestie?

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