No Kill Nation by 2025

June 22, 2018

Best Friends Animal society magazines with Rescue Contacts ad and boxes of contact lenses. Clarity 1 Day, Acuvue Oasys 1 Day and Biofinity monthly lens.

Best Friends Animal Society set the goal to be kill free at all shelters in this country by the year 2025. Rescue Contacts' goal is to see this happen. Four thousand dogs and cats are killed in shelters each day across the United States. 

Please support the no kill movement by purchasing your prescription contact lenses from Rescue Contacts. With this choice, you will play a part in achieving this goal. Imagine what could be accomplished if a fraction of the 2 plus billion dollars spent each year purchasing contact lenses were spent at Rescue Contacts. Think of the animals that would be saved. 

Visit Best Friends Animal Society to read more about the 2025 goal.

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